Happy Diwali

The candle are lit, the lanterns smile with a glow
A feast dazzles the table, the aromas put on a show
As the festive breeze sweeps across our lawn
The laughter and jokes echo until dawn

This is our first, with many more in store
I know it will only get better, believe that in my core
Excitement fills my heart, soon replaced by gratitude
Glad to have you by my side, for its not the same in solitude

Amidst the celebrations, burns a little lamp
Fueled by your love, In my heart it has set a camp
It reminds me of your warmth, unfazed by the coldest winter
At that moment the time bends, as I feel so much nearer

The new year brings in a promise, a hope, a new vision
But it can’t shadow the year that’s blessed me every season
No words can do justice to what I have received, Not nearly
But here’s wishing all the loved one’s a very Happy Diwali!


Success, An Iceberg

An iceberg, full of beauty and shine
I gaze in awe, wishing it was mine
It rises out of the sea, mighty and strong
It stands proud like it did no wrong

I move closer to find shadows beneath the ice sheets
Its depth is immense; It dwarfs the highest peaks,
My eyes were blinded by it before, I dint know better
For it has a lot more than sparkle, I just needed to look deeper


Getting Blow Away

I’m losing my breath, as I try to fight back

The wind gets stronger, and the storms whispers

My fortitude weakens and hope withers

But I don’t want to let go, I clinch tight

I know I what I have, Its treasured and cherished

I look to the heavens, as the rain drops pour down

Its not tears I say, as the drops trickle down my face

I spot the sun, through the dark clouds

It continues to burn and shine with pride

Reminds me of the warmth that may soon be upon me

A Look Back, Before a Leap Forward

Its time to look back and smile at the past

For its showered me with memories that’ll last

I have traveled far with a partner by my side,

Discovered new lands with everything else set aside

I dared to embrace new challenges and take on new battles

Wearing an armor made with love, I forged ahead breaking all shackles

As I welcomed new faces who ushered into my world

The memories of those far away remain sheltered

There is a lot to remember than to forget

I am filled with emotions and none of them speak of regret

So all I can say is Thank you,  I can say no more

A new year may not be the same, but, I am ready to explore


Take a Bow!

Its a day to rejoice and celebrate

While I sit here truly amazed

What you have achieved is no small feat

For telling a  story like yours, the numbers admit defeat

Your sacrifices are simply impossible to fathom

When odds were against you, you walked in tandem

Your simplicity may discount your greatness

But I know how you tackle life with so much finesse

I am certain that you have inspired many

Even more if you had just told your story

But I congratulate you with love and admiration

You deserve everything you wish, with a little adulation

I am too meager to offer you anything today

I just wish I will achieve a tiny bit as you did, perhaps one day

I love and respect you so much that I cant express it

I hope you enjoy who you are today, because you deserve it.



Driving Away

The time has some, its here now
No looking back, not a chance
I race ahead towards my future
Fueled with memories from the past
I cant move on from you, never
My love is distant but not any weaker
You’ll be in my heart always
Thats all I have to keep you in
Dont forget me now, not ever
For thats the only time I’ll feel alone
The only time Ill feel I have moved away

Yet Another Plane Ride

As I ride with a 100 souls, Feeling alone
Flying through vacuum, engulfed in a lull
I loathe being here; a lot is not known
Distractions are plenty, yet I just mull
The first time I have felt your absence
For its been long since life felt dull

I try to fill this void, yet the void holes remain
I write to you, knowing it will be a while
Until my thoughts aren’t merely a cry of pain
Yet I hear your praise, else I wouldn’t wear this smile
I embark on this journey; trying to be sane
Amidst a crowd, all I do is count every mile